How to uniquely decorate a short-term rental space

How to uniquely decorate a short-term rental space

We have all seen photos of our friends posing at some impressive Airbnb homes around the world making us jealous and want to visit them right away on our next vacation. If you decorate your space nicely, your visitors will do the best advertising for you. The short-term rental industry is becoming more and more competitive, so keeping a competitive home is vital to getting glittering reviews, better ratings and more bookings. One way to achieve this is by having an attractive layout and decoration of your space.



Choosing your design

Let’s be honest, if you do not have panoramic views or an unbeatable location to offer guests – you will need to rely on the interior design of your property to secure new bookings. The more energy you put into the thought, design and execution of this decoration the more efficient your income will be. But before you spend your life saving on Persian rugs and antique lamps, you need to consider your audience and what they want from the inside of your home. Are you targeting business travelers? If so, a more minimalist approach may be necessary. Are you willing to accommodate new families – then black wallpaper is probably not the best choice.

You should also consider your location. If you are offering an apartment in Corfu town, you might be better off avoiding a rural theme when it comes to interior design – but this could work perfectly for a cottage you have converted to Airbnb in the Greek countryside. Generally, your topic should make sense with your environment. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but unless you are a very good connoisseur of decoration – we recommend that you follow something safe.

Did you run out of ideas ?? has a team of experienced designers who understand the needs and desires of Airbnb visitors around the world. We can advise you when it comes to decorating your home to ensure that you have the best chance of attracting new bookings and winning great reviews.

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