How professional photography can boost your listing

How professional photography can boost your listing

If content is the king then the image is the queen! Studies usually show that people remember more of what they see than what they read. Professional photos capture a whole story in a matter of seconds. All of these reasons show that investing in professional photography can increase your booking on your property.

Effective ad photos can inspire your potential visitors. If prospective visitors are inspired by a photo, they will make it much easier to click on the rest of your listing or website. Many people consider themselves photographers because they have a good camera or a smartphone and can apply filters to make their photos “look good”.

Professional photography is an investment


A professional photographer knows how to use the right composition, angles, color and lighting to make his photos more attractive. Investing in a good photo is one of the keys to a successful online presence. Your investment in photography will soon be of value, as these images will be used in any of the following:

Upgrade your site
Improving the presence of rental platforms e.g. Tripadvisor,,
Improving presence on social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
At Google my Business
In pictures for promotions and advertising


Differentiate your listing

The short-term rental market is booming and the number of available homes has reached hundreds in many markets. See our article on Grant Thornton’s research in Greece. Average potential visitors are trying to find their perfect home as soon as possible. If your home can be featured in a search, you have seconds to persuade your potential visitor to book it with you instead of the next host listed. High-quality photos can give you a competitive edge to win more than the competition.

If you are not ready, we can help! Our photographers can help you stand out, regardless of size or style. They are experts in short-term rental property photography. They know exactly what they need to imprint on their photos to take off your reservations. Don’t waste any more time calling today for a free estimate!

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