No airbnb reservations?

No airbnb reservations?

This year, 2019, as you already know, is not good for short-term leases. Reductions in arrivals, an increase in neighboring tourist destinations, problems with waste last year and continuing this year, as well as the oversupply of short-term rentals, are the main reasons that lead many owners to frustration.

At the moment we are almost in the middle of the tourist season. A season that, as it all seems, has shifted to Autumn. September and October seem to be better months than May and June.

Are you sure, however, that you have done your part to ensure that your listing is not wrong and that it is designed to stand out from the other listings of neighboring accommodation with yours?

Have you registered your property on more than one platform? Have you just stayed on airbnb?

At we pay particular attention to detail. From photography to property description in many languages, but also from targeted research to optimize your pricing policy to designing your booking policy, we strive to provide solutions to your problems.

Contact us and discuss with a representative of our company how you can improve your listing.


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